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We work with leading organisations across all industry sectors - nationally and internationally.


We work with industry leaders that span all aspects of society. From internationally renowned organisations, to large multi-nationals to leaders across Ireland and Europe.




“I am thrilled for the opportunity to be mentored by Mary Cronin. Her experience and sharpness have impacted significantly in the most positive way in our business. I wish I had more sessions with her prior to investment.  She is very knowledgeable about innovation and is a great speaker and facilitator. She was instrumental in helping me to build my pitch and gain clarity on my future perspectives! I absolutely endorse her work. Many thanks for all your help, Mary!”

“Mary is a fantastic partner to work with on the New Venture entrepreneurship programme for UCD Engineering. She is creative, experienced and willing share her expertise. Her design-centred frameworks and processes add real value to Engineering.  Mary is adaptable, easy to work with and delivers.  She always thinks about the bigger picture and creating impact.”

Dr. Eleni Antoniadou
NASA astronaut trainer in biomedical experimentations
Organ transplants without donors’, USA.

Dr. Andrew Keane
Head of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Head of Energy Institute, Dublin, Ireland


“When we created our innovation strategy, Mary became a trusted partner on our journey. She is engaging and knowledgeable about developing an innovative culture.  We used UpThink processes and frameworks to think beyond the obvious and challenge some long-held assumptions.  Mary is practical and very customer and outcome focused. Mary really guided and supported us in delivering our innovation strategy.”

“Mary has a customer-focused, practical and analytical approach to innovation and business strategy. She’s energetic, thorough and easily adapts frameworks to suit her clients’ needs.  She consistently questions and challenges assumptions. I continue to learn from Mary and apply that thinking in my business.”

Brendan Barry
Manager, Technology Innovation Unit
ESB Innovation. Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Conor Hanley
Fire1Foundry, Ireland


“Mary has led the entrepreneurial workshops for Cartier since 2009.  She has been a dedicated partner, not just in making the entrepreneurial programmes a success, but in supporting and encouraging our global entrepreneurs.  Mary is passionate about what she does.  She is knowledgeable and thinks deeply about enabling businesses to create impact - economically, socially and environmentally. Mary and her team have brought strong value to the Cartier Awards programme.”

“Mary is an amazing facilitator with laser-like insights into how to communicate our company to potential funders, partners and clients. She gets the big picture and understands people.”

Olivia Bertaux Lazare
Programme manager
Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, France

Diane Jue Cartier
Essmart Global, India.

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