UpThink Innovation Agency
Think. Transform. Grow.


Our services deliver innovation to the heart of your business.


Unlock Opportunity

Consultancy, workshops and frameworks to help small, medium and large enterprises scale and find new growth avenues.

Create Growth

Corporate innovation and capabilities programmes to create sustainable, competitive advantage.

Collaborative Leadership

Create agile leaders and equip them for transformation in a fast moving environment.

Mobilise Teams

In-house workshops, programmes and frameworks that build a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship. Leading your team to uncover ideas, develop insight and sharpen skills.

Establish Direction

Establish Direction is for anyone developing a new business, business model, product or service. Whether your idea is in a traditional or emerging industry we will collaborate with you to develop and test your ideas, getting them fit for market, investment or scaling.

Disrupt Ordinary

Interactive workshops to unlock opportunity by transforming thinking.